Staying Safe in the Face of BA.2.86: Your Guide to Protection

Staying Safe in the Face of BA.2.86: Your Guide to Protection

Sep 05, 2023

In recent weeks, the emergence of a highly mutated COVID-19 variant known as BA.2.86, or "Pirola," has raised concerns worldwide. While scientists continue to study its impact, it's crucial to remain vigilant and prioritize protection against this new variant. At Kasara Atelier, we understand the importance of staying safe and healthy. That's why we offer scented hand wet wipes and water-based towels designed to keep you sanitized and refreshed. In this blog post, we'll explore what you need to know about BA.2.86 and provide practical tips to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Understanding BA.2.86

BA.2.86 is a highly mutated form of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. It has garnered attention due to its numerous genetic differences compared to previous variants, making it distinct from the prevailing omicron strains. While it has caused only a limited number of infections so far, the World Health Organization and health authorities worldwide are closely monitoring it due to its potential to evade immunity from prior COVID-19 infection or vaccination.

Protecting Yourself

Hand Hygiene

Proper hand hygiene remains the first line of defense against any variant of the virus. Our scented hand wet wipes are not only convenient but also effective at sanitizing your hands. With alcohol-based wipes available in 10 different scents and colors, you can keep them in your pocket, purse, or bag for easy access wherever you go.

Social Distancing

Continue to practice social distancing, especially in crowded or indoor settings. Maintain a safe distance from others to reduce the risk of transmission.


Wearing masks, especially in high-risk areas or when you're in close proximity to others, can provide an added layer of protection. Avoiding Sick Individuals: If someone you know is feeling unwell or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, avoid close contact and encourage them to get tested.


Stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines. While the efficacy of existing vaccines against BA.2.86 is being studied, vaccination remains essential for reducing the severity of illness and hospitalization.

Kasara Water-Based refreshing Towels

Our water-based towels offer a non-alcoholic option for sanitizing and refreshing. They can be used hot or cold, providing versatility for various situations.


BA.2.86 and Vaccine Boosters

Vaccine manufacturers are working on updated COVID-19 boosters targeting the prevailing strains, such as XBB.1.5. While BA.2.86 may not be a perfect match for these boosters, it's essential to stay updated with vaccinations, as they continue to offer protection against severe disease and hospitalization.

In the face of the BA.2.86 variant, maintaining good hygiene practices and staying informed are key to staying safe. At Kasara Atelier, we are committed to providing products that help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Whether it's our scented hand wet wipes or water-based towels, we strive to offer convenient and effective solutions for your sanitization needs. Remember, while the situation is evolving, your commitment to safety remains constant. Stay safe, stay informed, and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your community. Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by BA.2.86 and any future variants that may arise.

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