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Frequently asked question

The processing time for orders is typically the same day. Delivery times may vary, ranging from next-day delivery in some cases to up to 5 days, depending on the city. For Europe, you can expect delivery within 1-3 days, while Canada typically takes 1-4 days, and the US may take 2-5 days for delivery.

Link to your shipping policy.

Depends on the nature of your order, custom design, and scent. We normally process orders within a week and the rest is shipping days!

Return: Due to the unique nature of our offerings, we do not accept exchanges or returns.

Refund: If you received a package that has been damaged during shipment, you must inform us within 7 calendar days of the delivery date

To file a claim, please email with the following information:

Claims will not be processed if the above documentation is not submitted

We are unable to process a claim for a product damaged during transportation after 7 calendar days from the delivery date.

If you discard the products and are unable to provide documentation of the damaged item(s), we will not be able to honor a refund or replacement.